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Steel Structures &
Agricultural Machinery

At Breerivier Engineering we offer a diverse range of engineering services. Our extensive offerings include welding, bending, turning, milling, CNC cutting, and more, all expertly executed in-house. Proudly producing 90% of our products locally, we ensure peace of mind for our clients by providing swift and cost-effective solutions. Say goodbye to long waits for expensive parts from external suppliers – we’ve got you covered! Choose Breerivier Engineering for reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

Breerivier Engineering

10 Years Of Undefeated Success

Breerivier Engineering has been a trusted part of the community since 2013. We do all things steel, specializing in steel structures (Western Cape only) and manufacturing agricultural equipment for farmers across South Africa.


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What We Offer

Steel Structures & Agricultural Machinery


CNC Cutting

Unlock the epitome of precision and efficiency in material fabrication through our cutting-edge CNC Cutting services. Experience the seamless fusion of technology and craftsmanship for unparalleled results.



Elevate your metal sheets to new levels of creativity with our expert bending techniques. Watch as custom shapes and designs come to life, tailored to your exact specifications.


Milling & Turning

Step into a world of boundless possibilities for your design projects, courtesy of our cutting-edge milling capabilities. Experience unrivaled precision, flawless surface finish, and unmatched accuracy that bring your visions to life.



Experience the art of seamless metal fusion and maximum strength with our skilled welding services. From joining metal components flawlessly to ensuring unparalleled durability and quality in every project, we deliver excellence that stands the test of time.


General Steelwork

From farm implement revival to complex machinery, Unleash the power of versatile steelwork at our workshop. Conveniently nestled in the heart of Breerivier, Breerivier Engineering is your partner in steel challenges.


CAD Design

Turn your creative visions into tangible realities through our cutting-edge CAD design services. With our advanced capabilities, we offer innovative and customized solutions to tackle your design challenges head-on, ensuring your ideas are transformed into exceptional outcomes.

Our Service Offering

We provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your problem. Conveniently located in the Breerivier, our location allows us to serve a wide community of farmers and warehouse owners in the Boland and neighboring areas with utmost convenience. Not only that, but we also extend certain services to cater to the broader needs of customers across South Africa. 

Steel Structures

Our Latest Works

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